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Educating our clients with the information needed to make the best decisions with their real estate investments.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Kyle K.

“Finally feeling settled in the new house. A huge thanks to Vaneesh Dass for making the mortgage process as painless as it could possibly be, and to Alixe Diewold for putting up with us looking at countless houses before finding the perfect place!”

Ana and Jomi

“We have lots of things to thank you for. A comfort that you available to answer all our questions and not having to repeat ourselves all over again or to be passed around. We built trust on you that you’ll explain to us in a words we can understand in a world of “mortgages & interest”. We can explain our feelings without hesitation in our own language”

Jeremy R.

“Working with Bernadette and Vaneesh was a very refreshing experience in the lending world. If you like feeling well looked after, being able to trust that your broker has your best interest at heart, and having great communication with a team then Working with Bernadette and Vaneesh is a great place to go for a mortgage.”


“For me trust is a very important factor and the most valuable is the follow ups… your calls and reminders. I am looking for the sincerity of service more than the business transaction. I really felt the sincerity and you made it real. You are doing it not for the business but to help people. You did everything perfectly for me. And even now you are still calling me. Other brokers would not do that. I love the connection!”

Working with You and Your Mortgage

  • MORTGAGE FINANCING – Whether it’s your first home or you’re a seasoned investor I can help.
  • MORTGAGE PRE-APPROVALS – Getting pre-approved is easy. Once your application is completed we’ll be able to lock in your rate for up to 120 days.
  • MORTGAGE REFINANCING – Whether you’re consolidating dept or refinancing for home improvements, I can help.
  • MORTGAGE SWITCH – Switching your mortgage from your current lender can save you thousands of dollars in interest. It’s also free.